SOUL OF TOHOKU Let us protect Tohoku Cuisine

Yoshihiro Takahashi of "Hyotei"

I want to help build new communities capable of producing abundant cuisine.

About eight years ago, I participated in an event in Ishinomaki, and became acquainted with the area’s exceptional seafood and farm produce. In addition, I learned much from the local cooks who came to help, making it truly a memorable event. They also took me to Kesennuma, which left a lasting impression on me with its unique townscape and artistic culture. Ever since then, I have always received seafood such as hoya (sea pineapple) and sanma (pacific saury) from them, bringing joy to diners in Kyoto. We have lost many things in the earthquake, and it will take a long time to rebuild. However, the brave people of Tohoku are not alone. We will pledge to join you, and together build new communities, and a new Japan. Together let us build the fertile communities that will provide us with an abundance of culinary culture.

Kunio Tokuoka


The first son of Eiichi Takahashi, the fourteenth generation owner/chef of Hyotei. After university, trained at Tsuruko in Kanazawa for 3 years. Returned to Hyotei in 1999.