SOUL OF TOHOKU Let us protect Tohoku Cuisine

Kunio Tokuoka of "Kyoto KITCHO"

While communicating with those in affected areas, we will continue to do what we can.

Tohoku has suffered a terrible turn of events, raising the tremendous question as to how we can best help. Our support must not be limited to a single effort, but rather we must communicate with the affected areas, understand the challenges they face, and find ways to apply our unique skills to provide ongoing assistance. I work with food, so for example by speaking with primary producers in the affected areas, scientifically proving the safety of their products, and establishing a framework to provide this information to consumers overseas, I believe we can help. There are perhaps some things that can only be done by my restaurant, or even only by myself. Through communication with those in need, I hope to find the opportunity to best apply our abilities.

Kunio Tokuoka


Grandson of Teiichi Yuki, the founder of Kyoto Kitcho. At age 20, began training under the founder’s guidance. Worked at Koraibashi Kitcho and Tokyo Kitcho, and returned to Kitcho Arashiyama. Debuted as the executive chef in 1995.