SOUL OF TOHOKU Let us protect Tohoku Cuisine

Yoshihiro Murata of "Kikunoi"

I would like to support primary producers however I can.

The grief encountered by our primary producers as a result of the earthquake is truly heartrending. Even once life has returned to normal, I am afraid that damage to the area’s reputation will linger. Among Japan’s best produce, ingredients from the Tohoku region stand out as exceptional. This is why I believe we must save our primary producers. Once things have settled a bit more, I would like to take my apprentices on the caravan to Tohoku. The Team of Japan has many members, so I hope we can continue the efforts for an extended time. I ask all cooks throughout Japan to please think, “What can we do?” For cooks of Japanese cuisine overseas as well, I ask you to continue doing your best in spite of ingredient supply disruption. Japanese cuisine has made a worldwide name for itself. Let us never be discouraged, and together continue to aim for the best.

Yoshihiro Murata


While a student of Ritsumeikan University, went to France to study French cuisine. After graduation, trained at Kamome, a traditional Japanese restaurant in Nagoya, Aichi. OpenedKikunoi Kiyamachi in 1976. Currently the Chairman of the Japan Culinary Academy.